Directive Based Parallel programming on GPU

by Mr Orian Louant (Université de Liège)

bibliotheque des sciences: salle pasteur (comodal (louvain-la-neuve or remote))

bibliotheque des sciences: salle pasteur

comodal (louvain-la-neuve or remote)

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This course is an introduction to OpenACC and OpenMP to target GPU. These programming models are based on programmers inserting hints into their C/C++ or Fortran programs on how the code can be parallelized. OpenMP, was initially designed for shared-memory system with CPU but has recently been extended to target heterogeneous systems with accelerators like GPU.  OpenACC, on the other end, was designed from the start to target accelerators.


  • Basics of OpenMP offloading and OpenACC
  • Compute and worksharing constructs
  • Data management
  • Asynchronous execution and synchronization



  • Being able to use SSH with private keys 
  • Being familiar with a text editor 
  • Mastering the Linux command line and the GNU utilities (mkdir, cp, scp, etc.)
  • Basic knowledge of C/C++ or Fortran

Type: Hands-on
Target audience: Rookie programmer
Must: This session is a nice-to-have for those who need to develop highly scientific software.

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