Open Science and open research data

by Dr Adeline Grard (UCLouvain-BIUL)

bibliotheque des sciences: salle pasteur (comodal (louvain-la-neuve or remote))

bibliotheque des sciences: salle pasteur

comodal (louvain-la-neuve or remote)

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The growing relevance of Open Science poses challenges to research practices.
Open Research Data, which aims to provide free access to research data in order to ensure the reproducibility of scientific results, is one important aspect of Open Science.
Research Data Management (RDM), on its side, addresses the entire life cycle of data, covering planning, collection, management, storage, publication, referencing, preservation and sharing of research data, as well as access and reuse rights. 
This seminar addresses concerns of openness, covers the integration of open Data/FAIR Data into research data management principles as well as practical aspects such as the publication of data in repositories.


  • Why opening up data ?
  • Fair versus Open data
  • Research Data Management, what is it?
  • Introduction to RDM steps:
    • Collect/searching for data
    • Data Management 
    • Data analysis
    • Data storage
    • Ethics of data and intellectual property
    • Publish a dataset
    • Share your dataset
  • Using DMPRoadmap to make a Data Management Plan
  • Q/A

Prerequisite: None

Type: presentation, discussions and hands on

Must: This session is a must have for researchers concerned by the dissemination of research results and by their impact.   










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