Introduction to Linux and the command line

by Bernard Van Renterghem (UCL CISM)

MERC14 (Mercator Building)


Mercator Building

Mercator Building, Place Louis Pasteur, 3, room MERC14, More info on http://www.ceci-hpc.be/training.html#practicalinfo

Linux is the most common operating system in the HPC world. Basic understanding of Linux and GNU commands are necessary to take advantage of the clusters. The Linux session is organized by the CISM and aimed at people new to Linux. 


  • Introduction to Linux
  • The file system and the permissions 
  • The command line and the GNU utilities
  • Using a command line file editor
  • Basic shell usage (redirections, pipes, etc)
  • Basic Bash scripting (conditionals, loops, etc)
  • Transferring and compressing files (rsync, tar)
  • Task control (setting a taks in the background, using cron)
  • Getting help (man, info, help)

No technical prerequisite.
Prerequisite for: all other sessions.

Type: Hands-on, 
Target audience: Everyone not familiar with a terminal.
Must: This session is mandatory for the target audience.

Please note that you must bring your own laptop to this session. 

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