Preparing, submitting and managing jobs with Slurm

by Damien François (UCLouvain/CISM)

Pasteur (Bibliothèque des sciences et technologies (BST) )


Bibliothèque des sciences et technologies (BST)

Bibliothèque des sciences et technologies, room A 203, Place Louis Pasteur, 2 More info on http://www.ceci-hpc.be/training.html#practicalinfo

Slurm is the job manager installed on all CÉCI clusters. The session teaches attendees how to prepare a submission script, how to submit, monitor, and manage jobs on the clusters.



  • Role and duties of a job scheduler/resource manager 
  • Creating and submitting a job 
  • Setting job constraints and parameters 
  • Managing and monitoring jobs 
  • Working interactively 
  • Getting accounting information for the jobs 
  • How priorities are computed 
  • Creating parallel jobs with shared-memory software
  • Creating parallel jobs with message passing software
  • Creating parallel jobs with master/slave software 


  • Being able to use SSH with private keys 
  • Being familiar with a text editor 
  • Passive knowledge of parallelisation techniques (OpenMP, MPI)
  • Mastering the Linux command line and the GNU utilities (mkdir, cp, scp, etc.)

Type: Hands-on
Target audience: Everyone
Must: This session is mandatory.

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28 / 29
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